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Solar In Action: Vern of Minnesota’s 27kW Ground Mount Grid-Tied PV System

Our customer Vern recently shared with us pictures of his newly completed 27kW Grid-Tied ground mount PV system in Stanchfield, MN.  His ground mount consists of seventy-two REC Solar Alpha Series 375 Watt solar panels, four SMA Sunny Boy 6000 Watt inverters, all mounted on an IronRidge GroundMount with 14 foot XR-1000 Rails and 3" metal pipe.

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Storage In Action: Ventura Electric – 20kW 208VAC Schneider Electric XW+ Pro 3-Phase commercial back-up system for Jones Trading

EcoDirect recently had the pleasure of working on a project with Brandon of Ventura Electric, to help create a 3-Phase commercial back-up system for Jones Trading in Thousand Oaks, California.

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Solar and Storage Today- with EcoDirect: Episode 01 – Sol-Ark and HomeGrid

Episode 1 • January 20th, 2022 • Solar and Storage Today • EcoDirect

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EcoDirect goes to Intersolar 2022

Intersolar North America was held this past week in Long Beach, CA. 

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Solar In Action: Corey of Georgia’s 11.4kW Grid-Tied Enphase Battery Backup PV System

Our customer Corey, sent us these dynamic photos of his recent solar panel installation. He’s collecting power with an 11.4kW array, made of thirty LG Solar 380 Watt solar panels.

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Produce your own power with or without
the utility grid.

What you need to know before adding storage to a new, existing, or a buildable net-metered system! Adding storage to your grid-tie PV system allows you to power your home with or without the utility grid present. With storage as part of your home energy system you will continue to have power even when utility disruptions occur. Grid-Tie PV systems only produce power when the utility grid is detected.

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Solar In Action: Dirk’s DIY 30kW+ Ground Mount PV Systems in Ojai, CA

Our customer Dirk S. of Ojai California shares his ground mount project with us: "Here’s a few pictures of my main 105 solar panel ground mount array. I have a second array for my second meter on the back of my land. The two of them run everything on my property, which is a lot.

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Net Metering & Battery Storage

How does NEM (Net Energy Metering) Work? Your PV System size is designed, based on your current consumption and may include future loads like EV for expandability. Your solar system produces power and feeds (power) all the loads that are on in your house first. If all the electrical needs in the house are met and

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Pricing Increases – Renewable Energy

Notice to our customers about increasing pricing: Enphase IQ series microinverter costs are increasing 6% this month. We will honor existing pricing through the end of July. Pricing increase will be effective August 1st 2021. All orders must ship by July 31st to qualify for the reduced pricing. Ask your sales representative for more details.

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Solar In Action: 8.8kW Off-Grid OutBack Radian with 20kWh Discover Lithium Storage System

Danny and Sandy love the outdoors. They found their dream house in rural Montana and instead of running utility power decided to look into solar and storage.

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