Solar In Action: Mike in Utah –
6kW Grid-Tied PV System

Mike, our customer in Price, Utah sent us this photo of his newly completed Grid-Tied PV System.

Solar In Action:
John’s 2.5kW DPW Top of Pole Mount

Our customer, John, in Vermont was able to put fourteen Evergreen ES-180 SL solar panels to use for 2500 Watts of solar power with a DPW Solar TPM14-G top of pole mount.

Solar In Action: Jim in Michigan –
16.8kW Grid-Tied PV System

Jim in Sparta, Michigan, sent EcoDirect this beautiful sunset photo of his 16.8kW grid-tied PV System. He's using forty-eight LG Solar 350 Watt NeON2 solar panels with Enphase IQ7 microinverters to harness to power of

Solar in Action: John in Palo Alto, CA –
Grid-Tied System Expansion

Our customer John sent this photo of his recent add-on to his previous grid-tied solar system.

Solar in Action: Greg B in Downshill, New York –
Off-Grid Innovations

Our customer Greg had a bit of a revelation while putting together his 4kW Panasonic and Schneider XW+ Pro Off-Grid System, using twelve Panasonic 330 Watt solar panels. With the need to get his solar

Solar In Action: Andy in San Marcos, CA – 5.36kW DIY PV System

Our local customer Andy sent us some great photos of his recent DIY installation. Andy worked with EcoDirect to size a PV system based on his current utility consumption and went with 3 separate arrays on the west and south roof areas.