Solar in Action: 6.9 kW Q Cell PV System

Our customer, Zak, installed this sleek array for his home in Escondido, California.

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Solar in Action: Leon of Ohio – Grid-Tied 20 panel ground mount

Our customer Leon of Ohio shared these pictures of his ground mount solar array in progress. Leon has twenty REC TwinPeak 2 290 Watt solar panels mounted on a SnapNrack and Hollaender fitted ground mount in his backyard.

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EcoDirect Testimonials

EcoDirect Testimonials At EcoDirect, our goal is to help you attain energy independence while providing a positive experience.

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Off Grid Invasion

We here at EcoDirect are fascinated by all things solar; residential, off grid, and combinations of both.  Through the years, we've noticed a growing demand for off grid systems, particularly small remote power stations. Customers are now installing battery based solar systems where gas guzzling generators previously were used or in areas power lines are

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