Solar In Action: Brian in Escondido –
3.5kW Grid-Tied PV System

Our customer Brian, in Escondido, California sent us this photo of his completed system.

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Solar In Action: Phil in Escondido’s 5.7kW Grid-Tie Solar System

Our good friend Phil decided it was a perfect time to get a grid-tie solar system to help reduce the cost of his electric bill as well as charge his new Tesla EV!

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Solar in Action: 6.9 kW Q Cells DIY PV System

Our customer, Zak, installed this sleek array for his home in Escondido, California.

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Solar in Action: Brandon near Escondido

Local customer, Brandon near Escondido, sent us pictures of his dirt bike retreat with well pump installation project and heavy duty off-grid solar array.

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Solar In Action: James in Escondido, CA Solar System Installation Photos

We just received the final inspection on my solar system and notified SDG&E to setup Net Metering. I want to thank you for all your help and attention while I worked on this project. This system is producing about 20 KWH per day consistently and everything works flawlessly. I've included pictures of the completion of

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