Solar in Action: Norman of Kansas

Our customer Norman Mast of Kansas shares pictures of his Multi-Mode OutBack system.

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Charge Controller Sizing  – PWM and MPPT

PWM Charge Controller Sizing Solar panels that are the same “nominal” voltage of your battery bank use PWM style charge controllers since the input voltage is close enough to that of your battery bank to allow proper charging without overcharging the cells. The short method for sizing a PWM style charge controller is to take

OutBack Power 2017 Energy Express Tour

Bringing independent power solutions to Southern California! Join us November 30, 2017 from 3:00-5:00pm, in Vista, California, to tour the OutBack Power Energy Express! Come enjoy a drink with EcoDirect and OutBack Power

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Solar in Action: Martin’s Off-Grid 6.8kW PV system

Our customer, Martin, sent us photos of his impressive home installation in the southwest United States. His Off-Grid 6.8kW PV system is built with Kyocera KU340's in his array, an 8 kW OutBack Power FLEXpower Radian and OutBack Power EnergyCell 1100 AH battery for storage.

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