Top 6 Reasons to Go Solar in 2019

Thinking about going solar for this 2019 year?  There is no better time than the present. We have put together some of the most compelling reasons to go solar in 2019.  Take a look and see how many of them resonate with you! 2019 is the last year the Federal Tax credit will offer you

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Solar in Action: David of Banning, CA

Our customer, David in Banning sent us these photos of his recently completed off-grid well pump project using the Grundfos 11 GPM Solar Pump, powered by a nice sized solar array.

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Solar in Action: Brandon near Escondido

Local customer, Brandon near Escondido, sent us pictures of his dirt bike retreat with well pump installation project and heavy duty off-grid solar array.

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Renewable Energy Articles

Welcome to the renewable energy section of the knowledge base. These articles are focused on the renewable energy industry, including trainings, solar electric systems, and wind power. We also offer some great information on the fundamentals of solar to hopefully answer some of the common questions we are asked. Solar Optimizers: A Hybrid Approach An

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Solar In Action: Oleg of Lakewood, NJ – Grid- Tie System

September 22, 2016 Customer Oleg of Lakewood, NJ shares with us pictures of his newly completed Canadian Solar CS6X-320P and SolarEdge grid-tie system.  

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Solar In Action: Dan H. of Illinois – 3 kW Solar Array with LG 300 Watt Black Frame Solar Panels

August 17, 2016 Our customer, Dan H. of Illinois, had this to share with us: "I wanted to let you know our system is up and running. The install was easy, it just took a week, and work was done mostly after work. The system just passed my final electrical and got the interconnection approval.

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Solar In Action: J. Burns of Converse, Texas – 10 kW Solar Array

June 19, 2016 EcoDirect customer J. Burns of Converse, Texas shared with us his recently installed 10kW grid-tied solar system. His system is complete with Candian Solar 275 W Mono solar panels and SolarEdge Power Optimizers.

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Solar In Action: Ricky of Texas – Ground Mount Solar Array

March 1, 2016 Our customer Ricky, in Texas, wanted to share pictures of his array with us. He had this to add, "Our solar system will be paid for and making profit in less than 6 years. This is the first time I ever had a negative power bill, we made $1.10 after making all

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Solar In Action: John’s Solar Barn in North Carolina

December 16, 2015 Customer John of North Carolina wanted to thank EcoDirect for all the help & share pictures of his completed grid-tie system: built with 48 LG 315 Watt solar modules on unirac and ecofasten for the roof attachments.

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