Solar In Action: Oleg of Lakewood, NJ – Grid- Tie System

September 22, 2016 Customer Oleg of Lakewood, NJ shares with us pictures of his newly completed Canadian Solar CS6X-320P and SolarEdge grid-tie system.  

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Solar In Action: Dan H. of Illinois – 3 kW Solar Array with LG 300 Watt Black Frame Solar Panels

August 17, 2016 Our customer, Dan H. of Illinois, had this to share with us: "I wanted to let you know our system is up and running. The install was easy, it just took a week, and work was done mostly after work. The system just passed my final electrical and got the interconnection approval.

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Solar In Action: J. Burns of Converse, Texas – 10 kW Solar Array

June 19, 2016 EcoDirect customer J. Burns of Converse, Texas shared with us his recently installed 10kW grid-tied solar system. His system is complete with Candian Solar 275 W Mono solar panels and SolarEdge Power Optimizers.

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Federal Tax Credit Has Been Extended!

As of December 18th, 2015, the residential energy tax credit has been extended for another 5 years! What does this mean for us?

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