Charge Controller Sizing  – PWM and MPPT

PWM Charge Controller Sizing Solar panels that are the same “nominal” voltage of your battery bank use PWM style charge controllers since the input voltage is close enough to that of your battery bank to allow proper charging without overcharging the cells. The short method for sizing a PWM style charge controller is to take

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Which Solar Panel is Best for Me?

Types of Solar Modules Interested in going solar but unsure of how to pick the right solar panel for your home?  The following article will explain the different types of solar modules along with best application practices to help you better determine the right fit for your system.  We will start with the different types

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Off Grid Invasion

We here at EcoDirect are fascinated by all things solar; residential, off grid, and combinations of both.  Through the years, we've noticed a growing demand for off grid systems, particularly small remote power stations. Customers are now installing battery based solar systems where gas guzzling generators previously were used or in areas power lines are

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Should I buy a DIY Solar Kit?

Considering going solar, but unsure of where to start?  DIY Solar Panel Kits are a great way to get all of the equipment you need quickly.  There is no hassle trying to put together all of the bits and pieces you need for the system since in a do it yourself solar kit the parts and components have already been specified for you.  While not everyone may benefit from a “do it yourself solar kit” for many consumers this a hassle free solution that many are gravitating toward.  

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