We here at EcoDirect are fascinated by all things solar; residential, off grid, and combinations of both.  Through the years, we’ve noticed a growing demand for off grid systems, particularly small remote power stations. Customers are now installing battery based solar systems where gas guzzling generators previously were used or in areas power lines are not available.  These environmentally friendly solar stations can be used to power devices that track/monitor wildlife for migratory studies, power USGS (United States Geological Survey) seismic activity meters, or run aquaponics pumps to generate plant fertilizer for community gardens. Though solar is not new to many of these applications, it is growing in adoption due to decreasing material costs and rising consumer confidence that solar IS not only an option, but a very economical one.
So, if you’re interested in solar for your home, or need an off grid system to get power where you thought it might not be possible or affordable; give EcoDirect a call and we’ll put our solar design/sizing skills to work to find you the best solution under the sun.