Clean, independent energy without the utility grid present. It seems like a distant reality for many of us, but it is closer than you think.

Check out this 23kW Q Cells Solar Ground mount, with dual Sol-Ark 15kW inverters for 30kVAC continuous output with 64kWh battery storage system in the outdoor rated Fortress FlexTower battery cabinets.

EcoDirect, Inc. assisted the homeowner in every step, from sizing and designing to handling the permitting requirements and connecting them with a qualified local installer who could bring their system to life.

They opted for the Sol-Ark and Fortress inverter and battery configuration for seamless integration and efficient management of their energy system. Closed loop communication ensures that both charging and discharging of the batteries are managed to maximize their round-trip efficiency and lifespan.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars to the utility company to run power to their home, they opted for an independent solar plus storage system that will provide all the power they require regularly. A generator will be added for backup power should long stretches of inclement weather or lower sunlight for total solar production occur. The outdoor-rated enclosure is equipped with a cooling fan for those hot summer days and doesn’t need to take up space inside their new home.

Success! Happy homeowners that want independent energy are our business. Let us know your thoughts, and contact us for help on your next project!