Glen in Santa Rosa, CA – 1st place –
Glen had this to say about his home solar installation project:

I installed 24 LG 350’s, and 24 IQ7 Plus micro inverters (8400KW) and an IQ AC combiner box. I did the installation myself on my detached garage. I went a little over what I “needed” in panels, but they fit the garage and I figured it would be better than trying to add more panels later. I am so happy with my electric production! In the 3 months I have had it working, I have produced 6 months worth of my normal usage! So by the end of Fall, we will be set for the year. Gravy from there forward! I saved about $12,000 by installing it myself, and THAT makes me really happy!

Ricky in Canyon Lake, Texas – 2nd place –
Ricky has this to add about his solar ground mount project:

I am a professional electrical engineer in Texas. I designed PV system and
built ground mount made of off the shelf galvanized conduit and uni-strut to hold twenty-four 330 watt Keyocers PVs with a total of 7.92 KW. These
PVs are connected using two strings of 12 each to SMA Sunny Boy 7700TL-US-22 inverter. The PV plant commissioned December 15, 2015 is connected to internet, system is monitored in real time and data is polled in SunnyPortal, current total power generated to date is 53.822 MWh with
avoided cost of $5382 to date, Co2 avoided 42 tons.

Geof of Symtech Solar for Outward Bound Oman Desert Centre – 3rd place – Outward Bound Desert Camp Oman:
In February 2017, in the Oman Desert, Symtech Solar MENA installed a
24kw HELIOS PV kit on the Outward Bound base camp. The Outward
Bound center is located in the desert in Bidayah, approximately 3km from
the nearest electrical supply. We provided them with our totally off-grid
solar solution which now provides electrical power 24 hours per day. With
more annual hours of sun than any other country in the world, our HELIOS
system fits right in offering a completely off-grid solution for Omani

Technical Spec: 24kW PV, 21kW 3 Phase Inverter, 144kWh gel battery
with integrated diesel generator backup.