How does NEM (Net Energy Metering) Work?

Your PV System size is designed, based on your current consumption and may include future loads like EV for expandability. Your solar system produces power and feeds (power) all the loads that are on in your house first. If all the electrical needs in the house are met and your PV system is producing excess power, energy will push back to the utility grid in the form of net metering energy credits. In the evening when your PV system is no longer producing power and you are using power you will pull energy from the utility grid. A bi-directional meter is installed that will measure the energy your system produces as well as the amount of power that is consumed. 

How will power storage benefit you?

This answer is simple but requires a cost justification. If you have a generator and never lose power and are not concerned, great!

If you do not have a generator and need AC power even when utility disruptions occur it is worthwhile to consider becoming a producer of energy as well as a consumer. 


For those who rely on AC power for health or employment, or simply want to keep the lights on and food stored in the fridge, battery backup can be essential.

Keep the lights on even when the power is out! Is your utility company unreliable? Has a storm turned off your power?

EcoDirect offers several off-grid and grid-tie battery back-up systems for a variety of applications.

Use the power from your solar panels during the day, off-set utility time of use rates during peak times or have peace of mind with an integrated back-up system that keeps the power on even when the grid goes down.

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