Our local customer Andy sent us some great photos of his recent DIY installation. Andy worked with EcoDirect to size a PV system based on his current utility consumption and went with 3 separate arrays on the west and south roof areas. He installed sixteen LG 335N1K-V5 solar panels with Enphase Energy IQ7+ micro inverters for independent monitoring as well as for the design flexibility he needed for his system.

Andy had these words to share of his experience:
I want to give a report on the solar system that you designed for my home. I know that home DIY projects can be intimidating and solar appeared to be a very complex project. I spent a lot of time studying different solar systems, I also visited several systems that had been installed at friend’s homes. I was prepared to do this project on my own. When my packages arrived from Ecodirect, my first thought was,”This is going to be a real difficult project”. There were many loose parts, and probably the most difficult step was to inventory the parts and understand where they were going to be used. Once I organized the inventory, the project came together very quickly. The rail, panel, conduit, and inverter installation only took 25 labor hours. The wiring installation took an additional six hours. THE PROJECT WAS EASY! When I say the project was easy, It was no more difficult than putting legos together, everything snap-fit perfectly.

Here are some things to consider:

• I was successful because I did research prior to installation
• I studied amps, wireload, and spent time understanding electrical current
• I took time to read the drawings, and make sure I understood those drawing prior to installation
• My city, and SDG&E did not give any tips, I had to have everything correct when it came time for inspection. I did get a rejection from SDG&E because I placed the Enphase Combiner Box too close to a gas line. It was a quick 1.5 hour move.

Overall I give the project a huge thumbs up. Prior to starting this project I received three quotes from contractors. This identical system would have cost me an additional $11,000. I can not imagine paying a contractor $11,000 for 31 labor hours.

Thanks for all the help,