Our customer Ron shares:

This has been my first experience in installing a solar panel system. I became interested in this after responding to an ad for a company to do the installation on my house. I received three bids but they were more than I wanted to pay, so I began thinking about doing this myself.

One solar installation company recommended Solar World brand solar panels because they were made in the United States. I searched online for these panels and discovered EcoDirect as an online source for these panels. I made a call to EcoDirect and was transferred to Renee in the sales dept. After learning the size of the system I wanted, Renee told me her company could supply me with a complete set of plans and a material list with pricing for my project. I agreed to their proposal and sent in my deposit to get the plans EcoDirect would prepare so I could get a building permit from the city government where I live.

I received the plans the next day by email and took them downtown to get them approved. My city is known for being difficult when approving building permits, but I got my plans from EcoDirect approved while I waited in the permit office- in about 20 minutes!

The ordering process and shipping were very good. The panels and installation material were of the highest quality and the installation process was fairly easy. I did have some damage from the shipper, but Renee shipped the replacements immediately and handled the damage claim on their end. I also watched a lot of “How To” videos on YouTube which helped a lot. Renee has been very good to work with throughout my project. I would recommend EcoDirect as a source to anyone planning to install their solar panel own system.

Ron – Arkansas