Our customer Stephen of Satellite Beach, FL sent this picture yesterday of his hybrid solar and wind turbine set-up. Pretty cool!

Stephen concludes, “It has been my dream to have a “net zero” energy home. I started with inventing an improved cooling system to reduce the total power required to cool our home. We own the home of our dreams, a 7000 ft sq beautiful creation, that we say combines The American Museum of Modern Art meets Dr. Seuss, meets the Jetson’s.

After tackling the cooling, we started adding solar power. Started with 63 panels and microinverters from a solar installer. That was not enough power, and the roof was now full. I started working with EcoDirect and learned a lot about solar racking systems, and I hand-built ground mount systems to add more and more panels. As money has allowed, I keep adding more panels and systems. We are now up to 105 panels and five wind turbine systems.”