Thinking about going solar for this 2019 year?  There is no better time than the present. We have put together some of the most compelling reasons to go solar in 2019.  Take a look and see how many of them resonate with you!

  1. 2019 is the last year the Federal Tax credit will offer you 30% back on your solar purchase.  This is the highest available credit and will be tiered down in following years. Why wait? Save the most now.
  2. As more people get solar, utility companies have to juggle with the additional power going back onto the grid. This causes utility companies to roll out different packages after a certain level of solar parody on the grid has been reached.  Get your system approved now before your utility company changes their net metering agreements to give you less money on the kWh.
  3. Solar Energy is an infinite energy supply.  Your system produces power, even on cloudy days.  Although the power production may not be as much during inclement weather, your system will save you money every day of the year.
  4. Solar increases the value of your home.  IF/ when you sell your home, the new owners will have no bill, or a significantly reduced energy bill to what they would have otherwise.  How much value would it be if you bought a car that you would never have to pay gas for?
  5. Good for the environment.  Climate talks are a popular topic in today’s market and getting solar energy is a clean source of energy that helps reduce your carbon footprint.  Although not all of us have a direct hand in policy, we can all do our part!
  6. Lastly, the biggest reason to GO SOLAR is that it SAVES YOU MONEY!! Stop paying money to the utility companies and take charge of your energy usage.  The average return on investment when you purchase solar is 3-5 years.